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Coinfund intends to attract $ 250 million in three sowing investments focused on Web3.

Cryptobank Caitlin Long attracted $ 7 million

Castododia cryptocurrency (previously Avanti) attracted $ 7 million. This is reported by The Block with reference to the application to the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Braavos cryptochene attracted $ 10 million from Pantera Capital

The startup Braavos, standing for the development of the cryptocurrency wallet of the same name, attracted $ 10 million in the funding round led by Pantera Capital. This is reported by Coindesk.

Uber blockchain-smolate has attracted $ 9 million to decentralize Rydshering

The developer of the Decentralized Engineering Corporation (Dec) software attracted $ 9 million during the sowing round of funding, reports The Block.

Boostylabs blockchain developer and Hypra Foundation launched a venture studio for Web3 startups

European blockchain developer Boostylabs and Hypra Foundation Igor Permia launched Boosty Venture Studio-a venture studio for Web3 startups. Representatives of the team spoke about this for FORKLOG.

The Celestia project attracted $ 55 million to launch "modular blockchains"

The CELESTIA FOUNDATION standing behind the development of the project of the same name attracted $ 55 million in the round under the leadership of the Bain Capital Crypto and Polychain Capital.

Gaming blockchain platform Stardust attracted $ 30 million

The STARDUST blockchain-IGR tools Provider attracted $ 30 million in the round of financing series A under the leadership of Framework Ventures.

The project of the founder of the Indian Exchange Wazirx attracted $ 18.2 million

The developers of the Shardeum blockchain startup focused on the cartridge.

ChainSafe attracted $ 18.8 million to the development of multi-mini-solutions

Chainsafe infrastructure company attracted $ 18.8 million during the round of financing of series A.

Uniswap decentralized exchange attracted $ 165 million

The Uniswap Labs company, standing behind the Defi Protokol, attracted $ 165 million during the round of financing of the series in.

Tatum blockchain project attracted $ 41.5 million

The team of platform for the development of blockchain applications Tatum attracted $ 41.5 million funding.

Finteh Startap Zerion attracted $ 12.3 million from Wintermute Ventures and other investors

The Zerion investment application has attracted $ 12.3 million as part of the round of financing of series B. He was headed by Wintermute Ventures – a venture unit of the same marquetmaker.

STEP banking platform has launched a crypto investment service

STEP banking platform, focused on persons under 18 years of age, attracted $ 300 million as a debt financing. Funds will go, including the launch of investment services in digital assets.

Skyweaver blockchain-game developer attracted $ 40 million

Canadian gaming NFT company Horizon Blockchain Games attracted $ 40 million during the round of financing of series A. It was led by Brevan Howard Digital and Morgan Creek Digital, Bloomberg reports.

Paradigm supported the EXPONELAL startup in the round of $ 14 million

Exponental, a platform for finding investment and risk assessing in the Defi Secret, attracted $ 14 million under the Seeed Runda led by Paradigm.

Strike attracted $ 80 million from Ten31 and other investors

Strike, the operator of the payment application based on Lightning Network, closed the round of financing of the series B in the amount of $ 80 million. This is stated in the press release.

Immunefi Bag-Bounty platform attracted $ 24 million

Immunefi cryptostarter, which helps DEFI projects to launch programs to search for errors on its platforms, closed the round of financing of the series A for $ 24 million.

The 3commas platform attracted $ 37 million from Alameda Research and Jump Crypto

The 3commas cryptocurrency algorithmic trading platform closed the round of the $ 37 million series. This is stated in the press release.

Journalists learned about the plans of the creators of the Azuki NFT-collection to attract $ 30 million

The Chiru Labs studio standing behind the Azuki NFT-collection is preparing to close the round of the series A $ 30 million when estimated at $ 300 million-$ 400 million. About this with reference to informed sources writes The Block.

Messari attracted $ 35 million from Brevan Howard and other investors

The analytical company Messari closed the round of financing series in the amount of $ 35 million. He was headed by Brevan Howard Digital division Alan Howard.

Visa, Consensys and A16Z supported the Sardine platform in the round of $ 51.5 million

The Sardine Fraud Platform closed the round of the series B by $ 51.5 million.

DTCP has created a fund for $ 300 million with a focus on Web3

DTCP venture company has created a fund for $ 300 million with a focus on Web3.

Green Blockchain project Grngrid attracted $ 50 million investments

Blockchain project with a focus on renewable energy sources Grngrid attracted $ 50 million.

The African Bitcoin-Birzha Yellow Card attracted $ 40 million

Yellow Card African cryptocurrency exchange attracted $ 40 million during the round of financing of the series B. It was headed by the venture company Polychain Capital, the press release said.

Binance invested in the Aptos project from META

Binance Crypto -Ride Venture Unit invested in APTOS startup.

The cryptocurrency investor Two Sigma Ventures has attracted $ 400 million

The venture company Two Sigma Ventures, specializing in investments in cryptocurrency and Defi companies, attracted over $ 400 million through two of its funds.

Alchemy will attract $ 12 million for a venture fund

Alchemy’s infrastructure blockchain platform has applied to the SEC to launch a venture investment fund of $ 12 million. The purpose of the structure is not disclosed.

The Doodles NFT project attracted $ 54 million from the co-founder Reddit

The NFT-collection http://crypto-news.website/?p=271 of the same name by the Doodles startup closed the first round of funding in the amount of $ 54 million when estimated at $ 704 million.

Northzone attracted € 1 billion to the investment fund oriented on Web3 Industry

The British venture company Northzone has raised € 1 billion to the fund, which focuses on investments in cryptocurrency and fintech startups.

The developer of Web3-IGR Revoling Games has attracted $ 25 million

The Revoling Games team, which creates Web3 IGR, attracted more than $ 25 million. About this writes The Block.

The startup of immigrants from META attracted $ 300 million from FTX Ventures and other investors

Founded by the team of ex-employees of META, the startup Mysten Labs closed the round of financing of the series B by $ 300 million when estimated at $ 2 billion. Funds will be directed to the creation of basic infrastructure and acceleration of the introduction of blockchain SUI.

Blockchain Capital supported the Fuel Labs startup in the round of $ 80 million

The startup Fuel Labs, aimed at blockchain scalability solutions, attracted $ 80 million from Blockchain Capital and Strats Technologies.

Web3 Startap ex-employees Revolut attracted $ 78 million

Former Revolut Revenue Director Alan Chang raised $ 78 million for his startup Tessecta, aimed at electricity tokenization. This is reported by The Block.

NFT Startap Dust Labs attracted $ 7 million from FTX and SOLANA Ventures

The DUST Labs startup associated with collections of non -replaceable tokens (NFT) Y00TS and DeGODS based on SOLANA attracted strategic investments in the amount of $ 7 million.

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All published materials belong for forklog. You can reprint our materials only after agreeing with the editors and indicating the active link to FORKLOG.

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